Monday, February 24, 2020

Introduction to Accounting and finance -- Economics, Finance and Assignment - 4

Introduction to Accounting and finance -- Economics, Finance and Management - Assignment Example They may buy from either U.K or South America depending upon the option which will help them to increase the cash flow. Profit is generated from the sales figure and the purchase figure taking the expenses into consideration. It may be operating or non-operating expenses in nature. We consider both cash sales and credit sales for the particular period and purchases both in cash and credit. But expenses are deducted which are made only during that particular period and not which are advance in nature. The sources available for financing are basically internal sources and external sources. Internal sources are those from where we can get finance like that of the equity option for raising funds from the equity holders or issuing new equity shares to existing or new prospects. Since, Hidetoseek Ltd’s old supplier is in U.K. a mutual trust and a relationship is well build up. Now if they switch over to South America the company needs to build the same relationship and trust but it will require a lot of time to adjust. But looking at the current position of the company’s cash flow statement it is not wise enough to go for new relationship as cost is associated with it. New terms with new supplier regarding the credit facility, credit period, cash discount, trade discount may create a problem for the management in operating. Present situation of cash flow is not good and taking such risk might adversely impact on managing cash.The work culture, perception of the new suppliers towards the company need to be analyzed and build a relationship according to it which requires considerable time New set up for transportation needs cash which will ultimately effect the cash flow statement which is not in a good position. Delivery on time may get affected as new suppliers may not understand the importance of Just-in-Time delivery concept. The question of quality may be in danger. Quality control is very important

Friday, February 7, 2020

National security of independent States (Ukraine and Lithuania) in the Essay

National security of independent States (Ukraine and Lithuania) in the post soviet space - Essay Example The group discussions we had as a group yielded the topic our present discussion, â€Å"National security of independent States (Ukraine and Lithuania) in the post-Soviet space,† which was agreed upon unanimously through a group vote. The group arrived at the topic after thorough deliberations of its significance and centrality in any attempt to understand the state of the independent states (Ukraine and Lithuania) in the post-Soviet space, especially given the ever-shifting and complex nature of the security environment in the post-Soviet space. Governments are charged with the responsibility of promoting and maintaining national security, which entails the protection of a state by using all the resources at their disposal including economic, political, as well as diplomatic power; in practice, national security in many states is determined by the combination of conditions influencing their security environment and dynamics. This paper will employ the constructivism theory to explore the national security of the independent states (Ukraine and Lithuania) in the post-Soviet space, while paying particular attention to the key themes in the region’s security environment, and highlight a probable approach for addressing these problems. Independent states in the Post-Soviet apace, often collectively referred to as the post-Soviet states or the former Soviet Union, or the former Soviet Republics, refers to a group of 15 states that emerged out of the dissolution of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in the year 1991 (Akiner, 1998 p.1089). The USSR dissolved both because of, and against a backdrop of a serious stagnation in the region’s economy, as well as recession; most of the independent states that emerged out of the dissolution embarked on the transition towards a market economy in the wake of the 1990’s, rebuilding and restructuring their economic systems. The independent post-Soviet states fall into five major groupings or